Day 2 of BRAG: Cool, refreshing water

Hot and “hilly” (but not really) was how most people described today’s ride. Lots and lots and lots of farmland, from just barely growing peanuts (we think) to shoulder-high field corn. My riding buddy and I spent quite a few miles taking turns sharing things we are grateful for – from specific people to smells to accomplishments to things we get to do. What a great way to focus on the good.

My funniest moment today was at the second rest stop, when the man in the Powerade line next to me said, “I know you. We showered together yesterday.” I laughed and whispered that we weren’t supposed to discuss that. (For those of you who haven’t lived BRAG, it’s definitely G-rated. We were waiting in the line for the shower truck together. Individual shower stalls; no coed bathing.)

20130604-220116.jpgBut the highlight for me was a stop at the city pool in Douglas, about a mile before the ride’s end. For $3, we showered and hopped into the pool in our bike clothes. What a bargain! I haven’t experienced such heavenly cooling in a long time. They even had a waterfall, which I stood under for ages.

Tomorrow’s a layover day – shorter ride and plenty of rest. My sunburned face and I are ready. In the meantime, I hope this picture helps you feel the cool of that waterfall.


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